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Wix SEO Frequently Asked Questions

If you are thinking of getting in touch, these are probably a few of the questions you probably have...



How much do you charge for Wix SEO services?

While the cost of any SEO service depends upon the number of pages in your website and the amount of work to be done to each page, the following is a general guide to my Wix SEO services pricing:

  • New Wix Website SEO:  €40/ £35/ US$45 per Page.

  • Existing Wix Website SEO Audit: €20/ £18/ US$25 per Page.

  • Technical Errors Fixed: €10/ £8 US$12 per Error.

  • Submit New Sitemap & URLs to Google via Google Search Console: €20 £18 US$25.



How long does it take to see an improvement in my Google search results organic ranking?

Because some keywords are more competitive than others, it is not possible to say how long it will take to see the improvements come through. Also, newly established websites/ businesses will take more time to see positive results than older ones. Google is just better acquainted with older more established websites and trusts them more.



Can you guarantee page 1 ranking in Google?

No SEO can guarantee results, just like lawyers can't guarantee you that you will win your case. Any SEO or agency who does is simply telling you what you want to hear to get your business. I stay abreast of all Google algorithm updates as they happen to make sure that your site aligns with and capitalizes upon them.

For what it's worth, if you search Google Ireland or UK for words such as "certified Japanese translation", "japanese certified translation", "Japanese translation Ireland", "Japanese translation UK", or "Japanese translator", you'll find my Japanese translation website (Japanology Translation) on page 1.



Why Choose Your Wix SEO Service?

If you're like the vast majority of my clients, you have a small business that you want to get online, you don't understand Search Engine Optimization and you haven't got the time to learn it.

Here's the good news; you've chosen to build a Wixsite, so you don't need to hire a $150+/Hour Web Designer! Instead, you need someone who understands two things very well; the Wix Editor and Search Engine Optimization.

That's where I come in. I'm not a Web Designer, I'm someone who knows the Wix Editor and Search Engine Optimization very well. I can tell you the things you you are doing right, the things you are doing wrong and the things you need to do next to see yourself move up the page rankings. I've been successful doing it for myself and now I'd like to help you succeed too (without the $150/hour price tag).


Are your Wix SEO quotations free?

Yes, quotations are always free and on a no-obligation basis. I'm happy to look over your Wix website and tell you how much it would cost for me to get it up to speed from a Search Engine Optimization point of view. Simply contact me to get started.