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Check out the article Wix themselves wrote about me:

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Wix SEO Specialist
Tom Nelan


- Wix Top 25 SEO - Worldwide

I wasn't always an SEO... 

10 years ago I practiced law in my local town and had never heard of Search Engine Optimization or the Wix platform. That all began to change after I helped my wife create her translation company, Japanology Kerry Consulting Ltd.

We soon discovered a problem... the site wasn't ranking for anything on Google. If you're here, that sounds familiar, right?

At that point I began studying SEO and haven't looked back since.

In 2017 I formally studied Search Engine Optimization with the Digital Marketing Institute of Ireland, where I qualified in the top 1% of graduates of the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course.

I first put my digital marketing skills to use by moving my wife's Japanese translation website to the top of Google search results for certified Japanese translation services.

In 2018, I began offering my SEO services to other businesses on the website, where I have since received 400+ five-star reviews (and zero negative reviews).

In 2020 I began offering my services on the official Wix Marketplace, where I have since risen to become a Top 25 Wix Partner.

More recently I have been offering my SEO services directly from here, my own website. I have received plenty of five-star reviews on Google for these services also, which can be seen here.

"My goal is to make your website SEO the very best it can be".


What Do Wix Say About Me?

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