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Top-Ranking Results

At SEO for Wix, my mission is to help businesses like yours succeed online. I am passionate about what I do, and I am committed to delivering measurable results that help you grow your business. Whether you need help to rank higher locally, nationally or internationally, I can provide the expertise and guidance you need to achieve your goals. Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you boost your online presence and reach more customers.

Local SEO Success in Florida –
3,900% Increase.

This property restoration business based in Florida endured 6 months of stagnant near-zero visibility before reaching out. We discussed the keywords they would like to be associated with I got to work with on-page optimization. I also advised on how their design could be changed to become more Google-friendly. Soon after I completed the on-page optimization work and the design changes had been implemented, visibility began to improve… and never looked back.

Local SEO Success in New York City –
1,500% Increase

New York City (population 8.4 million) is a competitive area for home services. This family-owned tiling business wasn’t able to rank for any competitive keywords and was out of ideas. After a little keyword research I began my on-page optimization work. After that, I delivered a plain-English SEO report explaining what should be changed about the site design, and why (if you don’t explain “why”, site owners can be a lot less likely to change a site design they are in love with). Less than 6 months later their visibility is up a whopping 1,500%.

Bricks ‘N’ Mortar Store Expands to Online – 1,000% Increase

A sci-fi merchandise store in the town of Skipton, U.K., got in touch. They had a problem. Their bricks ‘n’ mortar store was great, but there’s only so many people you can reach via a shop window and their online presence was permanently in the doldrums. I identified various ways their site design could be improved and after those recommendations were implemented I optimized the various pages and products on the site. Soon after, the hard work and investment paid off with a 1,000% increase in online visibility.

Local SEO Success in the UK –
650% Increase

I love Local SEO and Home design specialists Kenway Homes Ltd were in need of some love. Their online presence in their target areas in Scotland was close to zero so they were only being found when potential clients searched for them by name. We worked together to find the best keywords to help Google more closely associate their site with their target areas, made some design changes and then did the on-site optimization work. The result was a 650% increase in local rankings and very happy clients.

Successful Collaboration with Tech Start-Up – 400% Increase

You’ve probably never heard of this tech start-up… and neither had anybody else! Their online presence was literally zero. Once we had discussed who their target market was, it was a pretty straight-forward process to find the appropriate keywords. After some adjustment of the site design followed by the necessary on-site optimization work (slow work, but very necessary!), Google and these clients finally clicked.

Japanese Government Tourism Website –
350% increase

When I began offering SEO services, I never imagined I would one day be hired by the Japanese government to help increase the online visibility of one of their tourism regions. So, you could say I’m particularly proud of this result.

Travel Agency - Post Pandemic Recovery –
320% Increase

Even though the covid travel restrictions had been removed, the online presence of this travel agency was still in lockdown. Worse than that, it was actually decreasing. I identified how their less than user-friendly site design was actually holding them back and then did the necessary on-site optimization work to help Google understand the purpose of the site more clearly.  The positive results followed soon after.

Local SEO for Dental Practice –
300% Increase

This dental practice in Sydney Australia had an online presence that could only be described as down-under. Apart from making some recommendations about what should be changed about their site design to make it more Google-friendly, I also identified how their off-site presence was negatively affecting their local SEO. Once their site design changes had been made I did the necessary on-site SEO and the site has been increasing in rank ever since.

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